What is ADP?

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) is a program operated by the Ontario Ministry of Health which helps provide funding to persons requiring specific devices.  ADP contributes to covering the costs for 8000 separate pieces of equipment including selected wheelchairs, scooters, mobility aids, special seating systems, and also covers specific custom made orthoses (braces).



Am I Elegible?
How much funding is provided?
How do I apply??
What is the Assessment?
After the Assessment

C&DC can help!

We will provide the mobility and orthopaedic equipment necessary for the assessment.

Should the therapist recommend you trial the equipment to be sure it is right for you, C & DC Orthopaedic Services will provide free equipment for the duration of the trial and during periods you may wait while we design, construct, or configure your C & DC Orthopaedic Services orders.

Please be sure to tell the authorizer that C & DC Orthopaedic Services is your vendor of choice.


CDC Orthopaedic Services’ caring, experienced, and knowledgeable staff will assist you in applying for funding through the Assistive Devices Program.